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Gas Safety Ireland and the UK

Gas & Controls is one of Ireland's fastest growing gas detection and environmental monitoring companies. Using state of the art gas safety technology and our 25 years' experience, we provide an unrivalled commissioning and maintenance service of gas safety systems throughout Ireland.          

Gas Detection Ireland and the UK

At Gas & Controls, we build gas detection systems to suit each customer's individual needs, not simply packages off shelves. This ensures your gas detection system is fully compatible with the necessary gases and the applications associated with your business.

We provide both fixed and portable equipment in order to meet any number of applications and health & safety requirements, and on top of this we can also supply supporting personal protective equipment.

BREEAM Water Detection Equipment

Gas & Controls Ltd now provide a comprehensive range of water leak detection and monitoring equipment for various applications. BREEAM's scheme for water detection and monitoring invovles several different areas. More information can be found in the Water Leak Detection section of this site.