Carbon Dioxide in Pub Cellars

Carbon Dioxide is used as a dispense gas within the hospitality industry to put the fizz into beers and soft drinks. It is also a natural by-product of the fermentation process within breweries and wineries. 

As CO2 is undetected by human senses, the only way to safely monitor for this is to fit a carbon dioxide monitoring system in pub cellars.

We provide probably one of the most popular carbon dioxide pub cellar monitoring systems in the UK - the Cellarsafe. The Cellarsafe has been specifically designed to warn personnel of dangerous gas build ups, and where there is also a risk of oxygen depletion (from the Nitrogen used in dispensing gas), it can be provided with an oxygen sensor.

The Cellarsafe unit comes complete with a local alarm and level indication, and should be located in the area being monitored - the cellar. A repeater unit is provided for outside this area to warn staff of any potential dangers before entering the cellar. Two relays in the main unit provide the ability to link this system to any ventilation fans or external alarm beacons.

More information on the dangers of carbon dioxide and the Cellarsafe can be found below.

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CO2 in Pub Cellars

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