Domestic Gas Detection

We stock a wide range of gas detectors specifically for domestic applications. Our range is briefly described below:


Honeywell H450EN Carbon Monoxide Alarms

These battery powered, low cost alarms come with a 6 year warranty and 7 year life span. This device only gives an audible and visual inducation of increased carbon monoxide levels.


Honeywell SF340F Carbon Monoxide Alarms

This hard-wired detector has a 5 year sensor module attached, and up to 5 years battery back up. There is no re-wiring needed to replace the sensor module, just remove the old one and click in the replacement. It comes with a relay to connect a normally closed gas solenoid valve. In the event of an alarm, this detector will signal an audible/visual alarm and also close the gas solenoid valve, preventing any more gas from entering an already dangerous environment.


Honeywell HF500 Natural Gas or LPG Alarms

This alarm is also hard-wired with a 5 year product life and 2 year guarantee, and all the same features as the above alarm, with gas solenoi valve connections.


Duomo CHCO Detector

This is a dual sensor, methane and carbon monoxide detector. When methane and/or carbon monoxide are sensed the detector sounds an in-built alarm and changes over a volt-free contact relating to the type of gas sensed. These volt-free relays can be used to isolate the electrical supply to gas solenoid valves or give a remote indication of an alarm (just like the 2 above).


Banico Gas Solenoid Valve

We also stock Banico gas solenoid valves which are used in many of our Gas Detection Ireland packages. Once the connected gas detector goes into alarm, the power keeping these valves open is cut off, shutting them which prevents anymore gas entering the potentially dangerous environment. Once the alarm resets, these vavles will reopen automatically allowing the gas supply to resume. 

Product Overview

Please see list of available downloads below:

File Type File Name File Size Date Published
Banico Gas Solenoid Valves Datasheet 0.22MB 3/6/2014
Duomo CHCO Detector 0.09MB 3/6/2014
Honeywell H450EN Brochure 2.45MB 3/6/2014
Honeywell HF500 Brochure 0.79MB 3/6/2014
Honeywell SF340F Brochure 0.3MB 3/6/2014
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