Commercial Gas Detection

In Gas Detection Ireland for commercial applications, we offer a wide range of low cost, low hassle controls panels,detectors and ancillary items. 

S&S Northern Range

Our S&S Northern range of control panels are perfect for this application, for anything from 1 to 4 sensors for Natural Gas, LPG, Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide these systems are extremely popular and stocked in our Northern Ireland office. 

Their features include an integral emergency stop button, aiduble alarm, LED status indicators, along with a BMS Interface, Fire Alarm Interface. Numerous electro-thermal links warning of over-heating gas appliances and remote emergency stop buttons ca be connected, and you can also connect a gas solenoid valve to isolate the gas supply in the event of an alarm.

Crowcon Range

Our Crowcon range mirrors the S&S Northern range in terms of functionality, however they offer a huge range of gas detectors to choose from. These include the standard flammable gases, carbon monoxide and oxygen, but also gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Chlorine, Ozone and many many more. 

Along with the large range of detectable gases, Crowcon also offer a wide range of detector housings, from safe area to flameproof housings made from nylon, aluminium or 316 stainless steel. There's even the option for MED Marine Approval.

GDS Technologies Range

The GDS Technologies commercial range offers addressable wiring for up to 10 detectors. This is perfect for larger boiler rooms, or for applications requiring various detectors spread over a large area. These addressable sensors wire from one to the next in a daisy-chain fashion with a single 4 core cable, removing the need to wire each individual detector back to the control panel. This gives significant savings on the electrical installation.

GDS Technologies also offer a wide range of flexible sysems for the more advanced applications, please see here for further information. 

Product Overview

Please see list of available downloads below:

File Type File Name File Size Date Published
BS 6173 - Gas Safety in Kitchen 0.13MB 20/1/2012
Crowcon Gasmaster Brochure 0.25MB 20/1/2012
GDS Combi Brochure 0.21MB 20/1/2012
Kitchen Gas Safety Equipment 0.29MB 20/1/2012
S&S Northern Gas Detection Brochure 1.15MB 20/1/2012
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