Portable Monitors

Portable gas monitors offer extended safety and confidence to your workforce giving them instant and accurate readings of the atmosphere in the immediate area.

Our portable gas monitors come in a various forms, from two or three year disposable monitors, to longer life multi-gas monitors, detecting up to 6 different gases. Each model we offer has separate characteristics, providing accurate and reliable readings in many different environments.

We provide the following brands:

  • Crowcon 
  • BW Technologies
  • RAE Systems
  • GMI

Gas & Controls provide various pieces of portable gas detector accessories to further protect and enhance your portable gas monitor, along with servicing and calibration.

If you currently own a portable gas monitor and are experiencing problems, please do not hesitate to give us a call. With dedicated Sales staff on the road, we can provide a quick turn around to resolve any issues with your monitor. Gas & Controls also carry a stock of hire instruments, which are available if your own instrument requires extended repairs.

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