ToxiRAE Pro

The ToxiRAE Pro monitor offers versions for flammable gas hazards, toxic and oxygen gas monitoring, and also VOC gas monitoring with their single gas ToxiRAE Pro POD monitor.

These arethe world's first personal wireless gas monitors, providing users with wireless remote access to real-time instrument readings, and alarm status for better visibility and incident response times.


This monitor detects and accurately monitors combustible gas concentrations from 0 - 100% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit). It also has the most extensive  built-in gas library in its class wit h55 built-in LEL correctrion factors. 

ToxiRAE Pro

The Toxic/Oxygen version of the ToxiRAE Pro can detect a broad range of gases, from Carbon Monoxide, & Oxygen, to Ammonia, Chlorine, Formaldehyde and Phospine - it has over 20 inter-changable sensor options. The ToxiRae Pro can store sensor data, allowing users to monitor for one gas one day, and another gas the next day, simply by swapping the sensors out.


The ToxiRAE Pro PID is the smallest portable PID monitor in the world, capable of detecting over 300 Volatile Organic Compounds. It has an onboard library off over 190 correction factors, making programming the monitor to a specific compound easy.

Shop ToxiRAE Pro PID instruments here.

ToxiRAE Pro CO2

The ToxiRAE Pro CO2 monitors carbon dioxide hazards using a state of the art infra red sensor. This monitor has al lthe features of the other ToxiRAE monitors, and also comes in the wireless, or non-wireless options.

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