Respiratory Equipment

At Gas & Controls we offer a full range of respiratory apparatus to be used in a wide variety of applications and hazardous environments. By using a number of various manufacturers, we can offer the best choice for our customers to choose from, regardless of their needs.

Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE), just like any other type of PPE should be used in all applications where the work activities cannot totally exclude exposure to contamination in the ambient air, or the risk of oxygen deficiency.

Choosing the correct apparatus for the job will depend on variations such as:

  • Oxygen content
  • The mobility of the user
  • The nature and concentration of contamination
  • The required protection level under the relevant regulations.

Filtering Respirators is one kind of RPE, which involves purifying the air through a filter, using this, the wearer remains mobile, but the filter will have limited use, for example, it is not suitable for use in oxygen deficient atmospheres, and other IDLH environments.

Breathing Apparatus provides air for the wearer through an external source such as an air cylinder. With this kind of equipment the wearer is connected to an airline, which reduces mobility and also creates a time restriction due to the limited supply of air in a cylinder. Unlike the filtering respirators, the breathing apparatus is suitable for use in IDLH environments including oxygen deficient atmospheres.

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