Technical Data and Legislation

There are numerous pieces of legislation, regulations and guidelines regarding the area of gas safety, whether in the home, in commercial properties or in industry.

For our environmental monitoring equipment range, there is a number of vitally important legislations which stress the need for environmental monitoring equipment across the UK and Ireland. Failure to adhere to these could be costly to your business, both financially and to it's reputation.

If you require any more detail regarding the legislation that affects your business and your industry, please contact us and we will provide further information on the laws, and also how we can help you adhere to the necessary sections. 

Gas Safety Ireland and Gas Detection Ireland are two areas were legislation is complicated, and sometimes hard to decipher. If you have any queries, pelase do not hesitate to contact Gas & Controls (contact us here) for free help and advice.

Please see list of available downloads below:

File Type File Name File Size Date Published
BS 6173 - Gas Safety in Kitchen 0.13MB 23/1/2012
Introduction to F Gases and ODS.PDF 0.23MB 23/1/2012
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