What is BREEAM?

What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is the world's foremost environmental assessment and rating systems for buildings across the globe. BREEAM has set the standard for sustainable buildings, including the design, construction and operation of the building. BREEAM is the most comprehensive and recognised measure of a buildings environmental performance. 

How does BREEAM work?

BREEAM rewards buildings for performing over and above the regulations which deliver environmental, comfort and health benefits. Points (or 'Credits') are awarded, and these are grouped into the following environmental impact areas:

  • Energy - operational energy and carbon dioxide
  • Management - your management policy, commissioning, site management and procurement
  • Health & Wellbeing - indoor and external issues, such as Noise, Light, Air Quality etc)
  • Transport - transport related carbon dioxide and other location related factors
  • Water - water consumption, monitoring and efficiency
  • Materials - embodied impacts of building materials, including life-cycle impacts, such as the environmental impacts of production
  • Waste - construction resource efficiency and operational waste management and minimisation
  • Pollutant - such as external air and water pollution
  • Land Use - the type of site and building footprint
  • Ecology - ecological vale, conservation and enhancement of the site

BREEAM award you points for each section, and each section is multiplied via an environmental weighting factor. This takes into account the relative importance of each section to your particular building. Section scores are added together to produce an overall score

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