Water PIR Shut-Off Control

Gas & Controls offer a wide selection of water valves, many of which are stocked and suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

Along with the actual valves, Gas & Controls also offer PIR Washroom Control systems, allowing you to comply with the BREEAM criteria W04 (Sanitary Supply Shut-Off). 

The aim of this particular standard is to reduce the risk of minor leaks to toilet and washroom facilities.

Our PIR sensor is mounted on the ceiling on a central location, normally with one of our sensors capable of covering an entire washroom.

Our system also has the capability of controlling the lighting and electricity to the washroom, and features a natural light feature - if there is sufficient natural light, the electrical lights will remain off, saving further energy.

When the PIR sensor detects movement, the connected solenoid valves will open, and remain open until after the adjustable 'time-lag' period has expired, when the valve will automatically close again.

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